Business/ Social Enterprises

Rahab Uganda explores different business opportunities that generate income to support the extra operations of the organization. Rahab Uganda has land in Mityana Bulamu, where most of the commercial farming activities is done.   Among the various social enterprises include;

  • Live stock farming; currently, 2 cows are reared at a zero grazing method at the farm now  The cows are half local and half exotic breeds and produce milk on a daily basis, which increases the income of the farm.  
  • Plantain Farm/Banana/Matooke:  The plantation is on the Rahab farm in Mityana and covers one acre. The product is very soft when cooked and delicious
  • Jewellery making: different kinds of jewellery were made for the local and international market. 100 bracelets were produced for the American market with the expectation of Ug. Shs. 2,190,000.  More trending jewelry will be produced for sale in the local markets.
  • Tailoring: Products include African shirts, menstrual cup bags and heat protectors which are underway. 4,300 menstrual cup bags, each costing 0.5 dollars were produced upon ordering. There has been improvement in the making in tailoring in regards to quality and time of delivery.
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