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Who we are

In an attempt to address the problem of sexually exploited children, RHEMA Ministries started the Rahab Project in 2005. The main goal of this project was to prevent sex exploitation of children in Kampala District. The project has evolved into a non-profit organization named Rahab Uganda. To date, over 45 young girls have been reached by Rahab Uganda. Some have been resettled with capital and others are still undergoing rehabilitation.

Home back view

Home back view

The project runs the King’s Daughters’ Home situated in at Kasangati, Kyankima zone, Semanda Bumali Road and a Drop-in-centre in Makindye division, through which it provides for the girls’ psychosocial needs with individual and group counselling, art and writing therapy and discipleship. The Home has one mother that provides love, care and a family setting. There are plans to resettle the rehabilitated girls back into their communities after equipping them with the necessary skills.

Information gathered from research findings by UYDEL, JCRC, Uganda Aids Commission and the four years of working with these girls has given Rahab lots of insight on the plight of sexual exploitation in Kampala.

Rahab Uganda will continue its work of reaching more girls, with rehabilitation programs that will focus on educating them on the dangers of high risk sexual behaviour, providing formal and vocational training, counselling, business skills, and life skills. The King’s Daughters’ home now offers accommodation for minors (9-18yrs), who need a safe haven as they undergo rehabilitation.

Story Behind Rahab Start



She screamed. Part of her dress was trapped inside a car in which she was traveling with unidentified men, moments before she was thrown onto the roadside, with bruises all over her body. Some kind women heard her cry, took her to hospital, paid her bills and offered her counsel, love and comfort.

Thus began the journey of Rahab Uganda that would later save girls that have been trapped in sexual exploitation. Rahab Uganda is a Christian non-profit organization founded in 2005. Since its establishment it has nurtured and rehabilitated over 45 girls.

The name “Rahab” was chosen because it signifies transformation. Like Rahab in the bible; a woman whose background wasn’t something to speak about with honor but later appears in the lineage that brought forth the most influential man that ever walked the face of the earth, Jesus. God chose the most unlikely person to contribute to the life of the most amazing person, Jesus. With the same hope and faith that something beautiful can come out of the lives of these girls, Rahab Uganda reaches out to restore the self worth of these girls. Transforming one life at a time, indeed Rahab Uganda “a symbol of transformation”; what an amazing story.