Where we would like to go

  • Have more girls withdrawn from sexual exploitation
  • Integrated some into the formal education system
  • Provide vocational training for those that cannot be integrated into formal school
  • Provide adult literacy programs
  • Nurture & develop girls who know their identity, and can proactively engage in society transformation
  • Provide start up capital to provide alternative employment
  • Community sensitization about the dangers of commercial sexual exploitation & sustainability of rehabilitated girls
  • Do research that will enable us design appropriate tools that will deal with the influx of girls joining sex trade
  • Acquire sustainable sources of income e.g farming, crafts making

Areas you can support us in

  • Financial support for organizational activities (education, feeding, accommodation, community sensitization/
    community discussions.
  • Staff emolument or Volunteering to enable work progress & to reach more girls.
  • Networks to share best practices information, support & accountability or Mentors in life, school, work, etc.
  • Training in areas of research & documentation, fundraising, marketing.
  • Mentor-ship for the girls (Volunteers to train in several professional fields)
  • Medical cover
  • Apprenticeship openings for the girls or Part-time jobs & work opportunities
  • Projects to supplement income (Maize growing & Piggery)
  • Purchase of Rahab property to build a home, set up a rehabilitation centre and farm.
  • Resettlement packages – bedding & household items, first rent etc.
Partners' Gathering

Partners’ Gathering

We greatly appreciate all the people and organizations that have morally and materially supported us since Rahab Uganda came into existence.

And for any support please do not hesitate to contact us